3rd JISER-MED Conference in Tangiers (Morocco)


The 3rd JISER-MED conference was held at the École Supérieure Roi Fahd de Traduction, University Abdelmalek Essâadi,  on 23 and 24 April 2012 in Tangiers, Morocco.

The first day of the conference was dedicated to the presentations and discussions between the different Higher-Education representatives and the business world.

Presidents of Moroccan Universities, the Education Advisor to the Spanish Embassy in Morocco, representatives from the Association des femmes chefs d’entreprise du Maroc (AFEM), the Director of the Tanger-Med foundation as well as the members of the JISER-MED consortium could exchange their views and approaches on the relation between Universities and Employability.

Very enriching presentations were made and the conversations led to an open sharing of views between the academic and the professional worlds.

This conference gave the opportunity for Moroccan representatives from the Higher Education field and representatives from the business sector to meet and discuss the issues encountered by Moroccan students after university. Both parties called for having more exchanges and links in order to make the necessary changes and improvements and therefore better prepare students for their working life. The Vice-President of the University Abdelmalek Essâadi insisted on the need of renewal and of keeping close ties with the professional world. On the other hand the President of the Conférence des Présidents d’Université of Morocco expressed the importance of the support Europe could bring in capacity building projects in the field of Higher-Education.

Very positive feedback were given on the importance of organizing such meetings and the role Europe could play in this dialogue.

The JISER-MED consortium had its own meeting on the 2nd day of the conference with the participation of two representatives from the AFEM. They expressed their interest in the JISER-MED project and willingness to be part of potential future projects. A round-table and a general debrief on the discussions held during the conference was made. The main outcomes were that there is a necessity of changes in the University; of having stronger links between Universities and the business sector; Morocco is witnessing big changes but there is a need of harmonizing the measures and initiatives; importance of internal and external Quality Assurance auditing. Then the University of the Baleares Islands and the University of Barcelona gave insights and feedback on their respective surveys on Students’ Mobility in Europe. A summary of the first year of the JISER-MED project and on the remaining work/activities to be undertaken for the remaining six months of the project was made by the UB.

The importance of rely on the JISER-MED experience to open new collaboration opportunities for the members was also strongly underlined, and all participants agreed on extending the consortium for potential future projects, to stakeholders coming from the private sector.

Powerpoint Presentations:

Presentation TMSA
Presentation TMSA
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Presentation AlmaLaurea
Presentation AlmaLaurea
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Presentation AFEM
Presentation AFEM
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Presentation UIB
Presentation UIB
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Presentation UVT
Presentation UVT
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