IEMED’s Conference on the Islamic Economic Agenda The Insituto Europeo del Mediterráneo (IEMED)



 IEMED’s Conference on the Islamic Economic Agenda The Insituto Europeo del Mediterráneo (IEMED) organized a conference on the “Islamic Economic Agendas” on July 3rd and 4th, 2012, at the Palau Centelles in Barcelona.  The IEMED, as one of the main JISER-MED’s Associated Partners for Policy related matters, invited the Universitat de Barcelona, Coordinator of the JISER-MED Project to attend this two day seminar.The objective of the conference was to engage economic policy makers from Islamist parties in Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt to better understand the policy choices that they will have to confront.The program addressed the main economic challenges these countries are confronted to, as well as two subjects with a regional dimension: the Islamic finance and its role in the Arab World, as well as economic cooperation within the Euro-Mediterranean region and between international Islamic actors.To find out more about this conference please visit 




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